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My name is Vincent Lee and I survived the brutal and ruthless Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge regime.  Some of you already know me.  I was just a little boy when motherland of Cambodia fell into the murderous hands of the Khmer Rouge.  I had lived through that regime and survived.  I am a genocide survivor.  Today, I have seen the recent events happening in Syria, Ukraine and Gaza.  They remind me of my childhood experience.  In Cambodian, we have a saying, “When elephants battle the ants get trampled on”.  The ants are the innocent children who have nothing to do with the adult’s conflicts.  They are simply the victims.  I am not here to protest or take side against who is right and who is wrong.  From my childhood experience, I wished the adults of my countrymen could have resolved their differences in a mature and peaceful way, not through a war.  I have the same desire for the people in Syria, Ukraine and Gaza, Nigeria and around the world.

As a survivor of a Cambodian genocide, I cannot understand why the entire population of Palestine have to live within an area surrounded by barbwire fence for the past decades.  Isn’t that just a refugee’s camp?  After escaping the brutal Khmer Rouge regime, I lived in a refugee camp. I can understand how the Palestinian people feel. I cannot stop the world from repeating the same brutality that the children of Cambodia had experienced.  But I can only hope the world can make a comparison from my experiences of what I went through during the Cambodian genocide to what the besieged Palestinian children are going through today. This is my story.  From August 15, I will share parts of my story for everyone to read.  I hope everyone can enjoy but more importantly, I hope everyone will learn about the uncontrolled power in the wrong hand.

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