If Tomorrow Never Comes, What You’d Do Today

If tomorrow never comes, what you would do today?
Millions of people in Cambodia found out the answer four years after they were promised by the Khmer Rouge, “You will come back tomorrow.”
When Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge triumphantly seized control of the capital Phnom Penh, they promised the people of Cambodia, “From tomorrow we will have peace and prosperity.”
Dawn of April 17, 1975, and everything was disturbingly quiet. There were no sirens, no machine guns, and no bombs exploding. The sun came up for air after a good night’s sleep and hung languidly above the horizon. Golden rays reflected off the slow, muddy Mekong River. It had been a long time since I had been able to sleep through the whole night without being disturbed. Although we had gone to bed in the alley, I must have been carried back inside our house during the night. I woke up to a very hot April’s breeze. It was the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere, but it was the end of our dry season here. The smell of the approaching monsoon season was all around us, but this year the monsoon was not alone. It had company, and although we could not see it, a cloud of darkness was sweeping across Cambodia. We had no idea what the peace would bring with it.

This is an excerpt from Vincent Lee’s untold story, Father Missed His Plane: A real-life story of a boy’s separation from his family, survival and adversity in the Killing Fields of Cambodia and beyond. Read More

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